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Elvenwear ™ Headache Band, Migraine Pain Reliever for Headaches & Pain Relief Pain Relief/Pressure Band/Exercise Head Band/Migraine Pain Reliever/Head Massager


Price: ₹ 349 M.R.P : ₹ 999

Worn around the head for various purposes, from sweat control to post-surgery dressing.




Product Description

Hedigo Headband

Elvenwear's Hedigo Headband, which appears to be a stylish and moisture-wicking headband designed for migraine or headache relief. The headband features a stretchy, elastic design that likely allows for a comfortable yet secure fit around the head. Its moisture-wicking properties aim to keep the wearer's skin dry by pulling moisture away during wear.

Hedigo Headband features

The Hedigo headband is a versatile accessory renowned for its stylish design and functional features. Crafted with high-quality elastic materials, it ensures a secure yet comfortable fit around the head, offering flexibility and stretch for individuals of varying head sizes. Its moisture-wicking properties keep the wearer's skin dry and comfortable, even during prolonged use, while its skin-friendly construction ensures gentle and non-irritating contact. Emphasizing both aesthetics and functionality, this headband combines fashion with practicality, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking both style and comfort in their accessories.

Elvenwear Headband for Men & Women

Elvenwear that are designed to be suitable for both men and women. It depicts a man and a woman wearing the tan, stretchy headbands across their foreheads. The text emphasizes that these migraine relief headbands are available on the market and can be used by individuals of any gender. The product appears to offer a versatile, unisex solution for alleviating headache and migraine symptoms through targeted compression and potentially other therapeutic methods.

Migraine Headband

A migraine headband is a wearable device designed to alleviate migraine headache symptoms through targeted compression and temperature therapy. It consists of a stretchy fabric band worn across the forehead, often with built-in compartments or chambers. These components can be cooled or heated to provide soothing cold or warm relief when applied to key areas like the temples or base of the skull. The contoured design aims to constrict blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and numb pain signals associated with migraines. These headbands offer a non-invasive, drug-free option by delivering localized temperature regulation and pressure to the head regions where migraine sufferers commonly experience discomfort.

Scientific and Ergonomic Design

The Hedigo headband epitomizes comfort and functionality with its innovative design and thoughtful features. Crafted from breathable, stretchable fabrics, it effortlessly conforms to the head shape, providing a snug fit without exerting excessive pressure. Its inclusion of pockets or compartments allows for the insertion of cold or heat therapy elements, such as gel packs, offering therapeutic relief as needed. With a focus on ergonomics, the headband features contoured shapes and adjustable bands/straps, facilitating a customized and comfortable fit across various head sizes. Moreover, its strategic placement of rigid or semi-rigid components enables targeted pressure distribution to specific areas like the temples, base of the skull, or occipital region, addressing discomfort with precision. From its materials to its ergonomic design and pressure distribution capabilities, the Hedigo headband offers a holistic solution for individuals seeking both comfort and therapeutic support.

How to Use

Place the headband across your forehead, right above your eyebrows. Make sure it's snug but not too tight. You don't want it digging into your skin. Some headbands have built-in pressure points that should be centered on your temples or over the areas where you feel the most pain. If one area seems to provide more relief than others, you can reposition the headband accordingly.


A pain relief headband is a wearable device that applies pressure or other therapeutic techniques to the head and neck area to alleviate pain.

  • Headaches (tension headaches, migraines)
  • Sinus pain
  • Facial pain

The effectiveness of pain relief headbands varies depending on the type of pain, the individual, and the specific headband used.

  • Acupressure headbands: There's limited scientific evidence to support their effectiveness for pain relief. However, some users find them helpful for managing tension headaches.

  • Type of pain you're targeting: Choose a headband designed for the specific type of pain you experience.
  • Comfort and fit: Ensure the headband is comfortable to wear and fits your head size properly.
  • Adjustability: Look for headbands with adjustable features to customize the pressure or therapy level.
  • Price: Pain relief headbands range in price depending on the features and technology used.


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